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Azure extension for modification default hubs (not creating a new one)

Hi everybody!
Got a very simple question for but I can not find an ansver in the internet.
Can I add a new button on already existing hub (e.g. Boards / Backlogs)?
I know, there are hundreds of examples and documentation on msdn about how to create custom hubs and widgets, but I need to develop the hub, that is already present on Azure by default. Will appreciate any help and suggestions.

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Are you referring to Dashboard? Under Boards and Backlogs, you should see a button to create a new item (work item, bug, task, etc).

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I don't need to create a new work item or else. I need slightly change the UI part of the page.

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Sorry for the late reply @MaksymKovalchuk-6490, apologies for the late reply. I don't believe this possible. I'm not sure why you would want to add a button but I would advise posting you question over on the developer community forum.

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