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Renewed SSL Certificate for Web App Service is for * instead of *

I have a web app running on a D1 plan without a custom domain name (other than the default provided one). It was previously working with the automatically provided SSL certificate without any issues. The certificate renewed in March and is now for instead. Visitors get a privacy warning when they visit the page. I'm not sure how to fix this issue...

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Hi @VictorA-0051,

We need to look at this a bit closer. Can you email us at AzureCommunity[at]microsoft[dot]com ATTN Ryan. Please include your subscription id and the affected app service.

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Hi Ryan,

Thanks for your reply. I tried emailing but unfortunately got an error:

550 5.4.1 Recipient address rejected: Access denied. AS(201806281) []

However in drafting my email to you I realised that this was a bonehead mistake by me - the error wasn't in the app service settings but the front door service settings!

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My fault @VictorA-0051, I fat fingered. The correct email address is AzCommunity[at]microsoft[dot]com. My apologies

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