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Several question on Oauth2 on ADFS Server 2016

Hi all,

I'm used to working with ADFS for a long time already and recenlty I was asked to do a proof of concept with Oauth2 on ADFS.
Struggling through terminology I managed to set most things up, but still I do have some unanswered questions. Hope someone can shed some light on these...

  • For SAML / WS-Fed relying parties, it is possible to set custom web content, using Set-AdfsRelyingPartyWebContent. Is this also possible for web api relying parties created in an application group?

  • Would it be possible to add claims to a client authenticated with client_id / client_secret (server application in ADFS terms) when using the client credentials grant flow?

  • Even after setting the 'IssueOAuthRefreshTokensTo' 'AllDevices' on the web api application, I still don't receive refresh tokens. What am I missing here?

  • When posting a token issued by our ADFS on e.g. I receive an 'signature validation' error. How can we resolve that?

  • We would like to set an audience for the access tokens, so applications can use the audience instead of using the appid to verify if they can consume the token. Can we modify the audience?

  • What does add-adfsclient do? Does it create a client_id, which can then be linked to a relying party (with Grant-AdfsApplicationPermission), thus enabling OAuth2 for an existing relying party?

  • When configuring a ad user principal for a server application and use 'password' as grant_type with the client credentials grant flow, I cannot seem to find the correct syntax, as ADFS always give the error 'MSIS9622: Client authentication failed. Please verify the credential provided for client authentication is valid.'. I have used the syntax 'user@fqdn' for the username.

Thanks you for helping me out here!

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