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Having "Error: An unknown error occurred." on Accelerator


Hi, I’m having this error message pop up on the accelerator, the accelerator page will always produce this error message and the webpage will automatically refresh until I get kicked out and need to re-login my microsoft account. I’ve redeployed farmbeats for several times and even used different azure accounts but I’m always getting this error message. I’d really appreciate some help. Thanks.

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@Elio-1713 ,

Thank you for reporting your issue. I am trying to reproduce it following the tutorial:

Install Azure FarmBeats

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Thanks, are you able to reproduce this error? The azure account I'm using is newly created, nothing else have installed except for FarmBeats, only 2 things I did beside deploying FarmBeats are 1) register Microsoft.AlertsManagement in the "Resource providers" in my subscription so that 2 of the deployment error will not happen and 2) create a cloud shell storage resource group so I can use the azure cloud shell to create my AAD.

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@Elio-1713 sorry I couldn't reproduce your issue yet.

Can you please validate the following on your subscription?

1) You are adding this to a supported region?
2) Your subscription allows you to install all the components listed here: ?

Thank you!

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