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Microsoft Ads not displaying in UWP App

I build an UWP desktop app, that is launching an exe inside it, It requires full trust permission, app is working fine, but when I integrated Microsoft ads in it, Test ads were displaying fine but when I publish it to store live ads are not displaying. I contact Microsoft support, they didn't reply with clear answer, here is what they say

"Thank you for following up with me. After some research to your app, it is not launching correctly which pauses a problem as far as even receiving ads. You will need to code your app correctly in order for it to launch correctly and show ads.
We do not provide implementation support and do recommend if you do need assistance, to post your questions on the Technical Forums OR contact Paid Technical Support."

I am wondering what is wrong with launching app.


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First thing needs to be confirmed, is the ad control's size matches that size you choose in the dev center for unit ID?

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I am using interstitial ads,
for banner ads I also tried different sizes as mentioned in dev center

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Could you share the ticket number created from Contact us here?

By the way, the Microsoft Q&A hasn't fully support questions about AdControl and Ad SDK. Please ask questions about Ads in the MSDN Ad forum.

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This problem happen for 2 months and never get fixed, many threads created on old MSDN forums

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The store team has found the problem that is related to AppNexus Tpan already. The team is working on this. Thank you for your patience.

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I know that information 20 days ago and still waiting for fix. Did it related to low ad fill rate? My revenue not increase at all during New Year Holiday

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