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How can I find the assembly that triggered the ".Net Framework 3.5 is missing" message

Hi Guys,

I have a simple WPF application.
When I call Environment.Exit(0) it raises the fondue.exe that says .Net 3.5 or 2 is not installed.

My Application is compiled using .Net 4.62.
None of my nugets and libraries are compiled using .Net 3.5 or 2.0

The windows event logs show nothing about it.
I have installed Sysmon and saw in the sysmon event logs only the creation and termination of my application and then the creation of the fondue.exe.

I am looking for a way of knowing what exactly triggered the message. Perhaps a library that came through a nuget?
Why does it happen only on termination?

Any help will be appreciated.

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Open the assemblies in a decompiler and check the target framework versions of each.

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Did you call fondue.exe in your application? Could you give more code snippet to analyze the question? If it possible, please give the steps to reproduce the error.

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I have already checked and none of my assemblies are compiled using a .Net version smaller then 4.

I did not call fondue.exe :) it was triggered by my application from some reason (that I am still looking for). It was raised by mscoreei.dll as can be seen in the Process Monitor:


The last code that my application ran was:

More info:
I was able to "resolve" the issue in two ways that might give a clue about the root cause:
1. Apparently my build configuration flag: "prefer 32 bit" in my Application was enabled although my windows is 64 bit, and when I uncheck it, the issue is resolved and the .Net message is not raised.
2. When I disconnect the usb cable from my touch monitor or disable touch on windows, the issue is resolved and the .Net message is not raised.

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I can send you the entire project that causes the reproduction (once you uninstall the .Net Framework 3.5 from the PC).
Along with all internal packages it is ~260MB. Is there a way I can pass you the code?
Thanks for you help :)

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You can share your demo with your OneDriver , and post link here with private setting for your reply.

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