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Azure backup - OperationNotAllowed : Changes were made to the Virtual Machine

Hiya, I have failed backup jobs on one of our VMs a few days in a row, the error is as follows:


Error Code: UserErrorCrpReportedUserError
Error Message: Backup failed due to an error. For details, see Job Error Message Details
Error Message: "OperationNotAllowed : Changes were made to the Virtual Machine 'Example-Server-Name' while the operation 'Create Restore Point' was in progress. Operation Create Restore Point cannot be completed at this time. Please try again later."

I can't find much on this specific error online. I've tried to do general troubleshooting as per ( and have found the following which according to the guide seems out of place:

  • WindowsAgent.AzureSecurityCentre Extension on server is in transitioning state

  • No Azure Backup VM Extension visible in virtual machines - server - extensions

  • No outbound connectivity to on port 443

Can anyone help me to troubleshoot this issue? Many thanks

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@FredFulford-1906 Sorry for the inconvenience this must have caused.

There must have been some change done to the VM in question per error message. Would you be able to redeploy/recreate the VM?
Before doing so, you can retain the backed up data in vault and then the operation. Reference link - if this option isn't feasible, you can reach out to Azure technical support team by raising a support request. Here is the link - to create support case. The ticket enables you to work closely with the support engineers and get a quick resolution to your issue.

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I too getting similar error for two of my VM's - performed most of the checks seems ok

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