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Executing expressions dynamically using code in transformation outputs


Hi all.

I am testing a data pipeline using ADF (The databricks version works fine).

The idea is to automate the parsing of multiples text files (fixed length) and different schemas.

Using the attached image as example I have substring expressions for each field and the record inline(column C0). How can I replace the column values with the result of each code (substring)?
That image is an output of a pivot transformation. The substring expressions were dynamically created



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Hello @Soares-4956 ,
Thanks for the ask and using the Microsoft Q&A platform .
Mine sincere apoloziges for the delayed response of this . We are working internally on this and will update you once we hear back

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Hello @Soares-4956 ,

My apoloziges for the delayed reply on my side . I did reached out to the internal team to get help on this . Can you please share the data flow script and also elaborate the use case in more detaiils please . If you have any supporting data which can be shared will also help .


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@MarkKromer-8019 - Lookup activity with new expr support to pass pipeline parameters into dataflow should solve this.

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