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Windows 10 donot sync the time from BIOS clock

Recently, we met an issue about the time sync on windows 10. For Example: The windows is running at 2021-02-17. Then, restart the computer, before loading the windows, entering the BIOS screen, then modify the time to 2020-02-17, save and restart again. After the windows startup, check the windows system time, it is 2021-02-17. If BIOS time modified to 2021-02-19, then the windows will change the time to 2021-02-19. It seems that the windows 10 donot sync the back time from BIOS. Based on the experience of Windows 7, the windows always get the time from BIOS on every restarting and then sync the time from network if a time server configed.
I want to know is it a design on Windows 10 or a wrong configuration of my windows 10 1809?

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I tried the windows 10 1607 version, also has this issue.

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First, let's check whether Windows Time service is running. If it is, we can restart it. Then, make sure Synchronize with a internet time server is checked.

Please follow steps listed to find them
Windows 10 - How do you stop the date from resetting automatically?

If the problem persists, we can try resetting BIOS settings. Steps may be different for different models. Here is an example for HP computers
How to Reset BIOS Settings on Windows PCs

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Hi, Alice
The key point is if the CMOS clock is ahead of windows time(2022-02-18), windows synchronize the time from the CMOS clock and if the CMOS clock is back of windows time (2020-02-18), it does not work.

 More details: 

1. Do not configure an internet time server and I just need windows to synchronize the time from the CMOS clock every time when the computer is restarting.
2. Windows Time service does not run
3. Try on more than 3 kinds of computers and the issue exist.

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Sorry for my misunderstanding.

I tested in my computer. If I change BIOS time to 2022, it will stay in 2022 when I sign in. But if I restart it, the time will change back to 2021. And when I check Data/Time in BIOS, it's 2021 even I have done nothing which is really odd.

My OS is version 2004.

I will keep researching. Thank you for your time.

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Hi, Alice
Thanks a lot.
Could you please do another test, change BIOS time to 2020, then restart the computer to check the windows time? And also make sure the windows do not configure the windows time service and it is better to leave off the internet.

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