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No session available to complete the message with the lock token

For some reason sometimes my servicebus throws this error to me: "No session available to complete the message with the lock token". Its not because of the lock-timeout, this is set to the max 5 minutes. As shown in the screenshot is happens after 15 or 30 seconds.

A lot of messages are just going fine, but once in awhile I got thees errors. I have this in multiple logic apps and topics.


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Hi @GertVloo

Can you share your logic app designer screenshot of how you are receiving the message and completing the message on the service bus?
Is the session id set to "Next Available" or you have hardcoded the session ID?

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I always use Session Id: Next Available. Never hardcoded.


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@GertVloo Thanks for your response. "No session available to complete the message with the lock token" generally means that the lock token that your application is using to complete the session does not exist or become invalid. I would need to look into backend logs to find the cause of these exceptions.

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Was this resolved? We also get these same errors intermittently. Again this is not a timeout issue and happens in different logic apps. We do not use Session id Next Available but specify the session id itself. Most of the time it works but occasionally we get the error which means we cannot remove the message from the service bus!

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