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Label Wrapping Increases Line Height

I have a Xamarin.Forms Label with LineBreakMode="WordWrap". When the text is wider than the other content of the Grid in which it is contains, it increases the line height as in the following screenshot:
Notice that the text in the first item ("Cities"), the text has a width less than the 0 & buttons, and the text in the second item ("Citiesxyzxyz") is wider than the 0 & buttons. Notice that even though the text is not actually wrapping (which is what I want & expect, since it is all one word), the second item adds extra space below the text (increasing the line height). Why is this happening, and how can I prevent it? Thanks.

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@njsokalski If possible could you provide us the code in xaml to test?

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It doesn't want to let me submit the reply when I include code.

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Hi , you could update the code in your original post (Edit ).

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