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Xamarin template app crashing on my iPhone via Hot Restart - How to debug without Mac?

I'm having an issue of not being able to run the Xamarin template from VS on my iPhone (XS - iOS 14.4)
The hot restart preview feature is enabled, and build and provisioning/signing works fine without any errors, but as soon as the app is started manually to commence debugging - it crashes as soon as it shows the Xamarin splash screen. (Android app via emulator works fine)

I was wondering:
- Is anyone else in the same boat? I'm trying to figure out if its something about my VS/phone setup in specific
- How do I debug the crash since I don't have a Mac, and the app crashes before the debugger is able to attach? I've browsed through the iTunes synced logs, but I cant really find anything important (but I could as well be missing it)
- Do you have any tips in how to proceed?

I've reported the issue on GitHub but have not yet seen a reply, plus there is someone in the Discussions section with the similar problem, so I am wondering if this is widespread or can we narrow down the scope of the issue.

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Do you mean debugging the project on iOS without a Mac? That is not possible. No matter build on a Mac or on a Windows machine, both requires to set up on the mac.

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I meant Debug the crash, maybe I should have clarified.
iTunes install on Windows syncs all kinds of crash and device logs from the connected device, but I have not yet found anything useful. Did you mean, its not possible to find useful info there?

Also, debugging aside - Id like to know if others can normally just run the debug build and run the app via Hot Restart directly on the phone. At least it would help narrow down if the issue is iOS version, phone type, or something local to my device.

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If you want to debug the app you have to disable device-specific builds enabled under Properties > iOS Build , check the docs : .

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