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[Sync] How do I check the synchronization on two kinect dk cameras ?

I am using 2 cameras. Is this setting correct? What function can I use to check if it is in sync?

     left_config_.camera_fps = K4A_FRAMES_PER_SECOND_30;
     left_config_.color_format = K4A_IMAGE_FORMAT_COLOR_BGRA32;
     left_config_.depth_mode = K4A_DEPTH_MODE_NFOV_UNBINNED;
     left_config_.color_resolution = K4A_COLOR_RESOLUTION_1080P;
     left_config_.wired_sync_mode = K4A_WIRED_SYNC_MODE_SUBORDINATE;
     left_config_.synchronized_images_only = true;
     right_config_ = K4A_DEVICE_CONFIG_INIT_DISABLE_ALL;
     right_config_.camera_fps = K4A_FRAMES_PER_SECOND_30;
     right_config_.color_format = K4A_IMAGE_FORMAT_COLOR_BGRA32;
     right_config_.depth_mode = K4A_DEPTH_MODE_NFOV_UNBINNED;
     right_config_.color_resolution = K4A_COLOR_RESOLUTION_1080P;
     right_config_.wired_sync_mode = K4A_WIRED_SYNC_MODE_MASTER;
     right_config_.synchronized_images_only = true;
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Hello @yhc-1262 have you looked at our documentation on how to Synchronize multiple Azure Kinect DK devices already?


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yes, but i don't see how to check syncronized. i think just syncronized in my mind. i want to confirm that syncronized frame is real.
so, i did not saw sync checking functions and how to checking sync status.
How do I know if the two screens I'm viewing are in sync? is this real sync status?

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@yhc-1262 you will need to Calibrate the devices as a synchronized set

There are multiple options for cross-calibrating devices. Microsoft provides the GitHub green screen code sample, which uses the OpenCV method. The Readme file for this code sample provides more details and instructions for calibrating the devices.

For more information about calibration, see Use Azure Kinect calibration functions.

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