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How to test the Exception page in Azure B2C UserFlow

I am customizing the templates using the userflow in azure b2c. All goes well except that I do not see how I can test and view the exception page. Any hint?
Thank you

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Thanks Octopus-1 and Please use globalexception(Displays an error page when an exception or an error is encountered) or refer this page -

e.g. <ContentDefinition Id="api.error">
<Item Key="DisplayName">Error page</Item>

or other option using ApplicationInsights and please refer -

Please let us know if above options work for you.

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Hello @JitendraRai-2073 ,
What I am looking at is to deliberately let b2c throw an exception to reach the exception page, so that it fills up the div with id="api". In this case I can see the html content and hence customize my css to fit the UI for the website. Does this make sense?

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Thanks @Octopus-1 and fills up the div with id="api" is working for you and you can see the static html content with custom css then it is ok.

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