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ADFS and Azure B2C

We have three different applications that are hosted by different service providers and these providers are using ADFS for federation [SSO]. Our users will be using their own email accounts i.e. Hotmail, Gmail, etc and they would need access to these applications. We are thinking about using Azure B2C and federate with ADFS as a solution as users will be able to use their own email accounts to access the above-said applications.

I found this informative link . However, I am not sure which at should I choose for my scenario.

1) Applications are hosted by our partners and are hosted on their on-prem. They use ADFS 3.0.
2) Our users will be registered in our Azure B2C tenant using their own email addresses. They will all need to access abovesaid applications using SSO

Thanks @amanpreetsingh-msft

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Hi @palayathar , your plan for using B2C and ADFS is a very common solution, you should be good to go with that. For the link, what are you thinking between choosing? I can help you narrow your options down. Please let me know and I can help you further.


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One of our application providers is using SAML2.0 . This application is hosted in their on-premise environment. I anticipate that they use ADFS 3.0.

Our customers will use this application. Our customers are external to organisation and they will either use their social media account or their email account. Hence we are thinking Azure B2C would be the best option.

I would like to know the correct workflow or step-by-step guide on implementing to register SAML 2.0 applications that are hosted on-premise [application provider] that would enable our Azure B2C users to access.


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