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Azure automated ml Error: Run timed out.

I got the below error while trying to run an experiment that uses automated machine learning to train a regression model. ![71149-azure-ml-errorcapture.png][1]

I followed the MS Learn setting here:

I tried increasing the Training job time from 0.25 to 0.5 and it still failed. Thanks for any direction. [1]: /answers/storage/attachments/71149-azure-ml-errorcapture.png

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Hello Ojchris,

What region is your ML resource group provisioned in?

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Hi theyorubayesian, the location is westus2

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Okay, it does not seem like the locations is an issue. I have seen this issue reported in the last few hours for other regions as well. The suggestion I gave was to not pass a compute target into your AutoMLConfig. That will cause your AutoML experiment to run on your local computer or on the compute instance, depending on which one you are using as your development environment. I confirmed that this works without the stated error.

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