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Unable to find RDS 2019 grace period remaining. Possibly expired but still working fine

So I have installed a 2019 RDS server a while back, we still need to add licenses to it. Now I find out that it seems that the grace period has expired but everything continues to work just fine. I don't even get any popup messages telling me how many days RDS grace period is remaining. I cannot find a way to get this pop up showing as Administrator.

I ran the command below to find the days remaining:

wmic /namespace:\\root\CIMV2\TerminalServices PATH Win32_TerminalServiceSetting WHERE (__CLASS !="") CALL GetGracePeriodDays

It returns a value DaysLeft = 0

It seems to me that the grace period is now over without having any licenses installed and everything still runs great.
Also running TLSBLN.EXE does nothing on Server 2019.. It usually pops up the grace period balloon but this might only work on 2016?

I would expect RDS connections to be denied now that the grace period is actually over and there are no licenses available.. Am I missing something? I will add licenses but now I wonder if the grace period is actually over or not.. Can't seem to really find it on 2019

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Hi @CasparABO-8058

I'm wondering did you renew that RDS grace period registry key before?

How many users on your RDS server? And how are RDS role deployed?


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Hi Karlie, no we did not perform any registry changes. It's more like the RDS 2019 server was installed, put into production and now months later I notice it does not have any licenses added to it but still works great. So at this point I think the grace period is over but it's still working. Before I actually add the licenses I would like to see the exact grace period days remaining.. The script above says Days Left = 0 but that seems unlikely to me and the TLSBLN.exe is not showing the grace period popup on any of our 2019 servers.. Is there any other way?

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are you using the administrator account to RDP? even without license, remote desktop allows two free RDP session.

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