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Windows Touch Keyboard suggestions bar - interface available?

Dear support,

We are buiding a .NET Core WPF tablet application that is only used with a touch screen. We are using the windows touch keyboard (NOT the On screen Keyboard OSK) which works fine but with lookup lists that have popups we do not like the behaviour. Therefor we are looking for alternatives and we noticed that the windows touch keyboard has a suggestion bar at the top where text suggestions appear based on the text entered in the textbox.

Our question is if it would be possible to access this suggestion bar content? And then show in it our own custom suggestions? The idea is that when a user enters text in a textbox the list would then need to be filtered down based on that input? Is there any kind of interface to access this somehow from a .NET component or something else?

Your feedback about this would be very much appreciated!

Anthony and Thomas

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I can't any method or API to replace the windows touch keyboard's suggestion bar content with custom content, how about making a custom keyboard for your app? And
Virtual Keyboard in wpf can give you some help if you do that.

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Thanks for the reply - we will look into this!

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The suggestion bar is a part inside the keyboard window and cannot be accessed (it is a UWP window)

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