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Error (0x80070643) Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio

When I start installing SQL Server Management Studio 18.8, error (0x80070643) appears when downloading component OLE DB for Microsoft Analysis Services. "Can't create folder "C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Analysis Services". File with the same name is already exists. Rename or replace file and click 'repeat' or 'cancel'."
I don't have file with the name 'Microsoft Analysis Services' in 'Program Files (x86)' folder. I done repair for .NET Runtime, Core and .NetSDK. Performed sfc /scannow, removed Avira antivirus but the issue doesn't solved.
OS - Windows 10..

Log file


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Hi nazarmarchyshyn-6532, we have not received your reply, any update for this?

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Hi @nazarmarchyshyn-6532,

From the error log, we can know that this error cause by failed to install MSI package. These problems may occur when the Windows Installer database file (.msi) or the Windows Installer patch file (.msp) is missing from the Windows Installer cache. The Windows Installer cache is located in the folder: %windir%\installer. Please refer to Restore the missing Windows Installer cache files and resolve problems that occur during a SQL Server update, see blow:
- Procedure 1.a.: Use the FixMissingMSI tool
- Procedure 1.b.: Use the FindSQLInstalls.vbs script

If the solution doesn't work, please follow the steps and try to repair SQL server:
1. Launch the SQL Server Setup program (setup.exe) from SQL Server installation media.
2. After prerequisites and system verification, the Setup program will display the SQL Server Installation Center page.
3. Click Maintenance in the left-hand navigation area, and then click Repair to start the repair operation.
4. Setup support rule and file routines will run to ensure that your system has prerequisites installed and that the computer passes Setup validation rules. Click OK or Install to continue.
5. On the Select Instance page, select the instance to repair, and then click Next to continue.
6. The repair rules will run to validate the operation. To continue, click Next.
7. The Ready to Repair page indicates that the operation is ready to proceed. To continue, click Repair.
8. The Repair Progress page shows the status of the repair operation. The Complete page indicates that the operation is finished.

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Hi, @CarrinWu-msft. Thanks for the answer ) I have done Procedure 1.a, FixMissingMSI tool - result was without missing packages. Then have done Procedure 1.b.: Use the FindSQLInstalls.vbs. and fixed 2 paths with msoledbsql.msi and adalsql.msi files. But still the same issue. After that repaired SQL Server following your steps. Still the same error when installing SS Management Studio 18.8. Log file72398-ssms-setup-rus-20210226123955.log

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Hi @nazarmarchyshyn-6532, may I ask that have you install SSMS before, and then uninstall it? And please confirm whether there are hidden files according to this article. Finaly, coule you please share the full screenshop for the error path?

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. Launch the SQL Server Setup program (setup.exe) from SQL Server installation media.

Carrin, what are you talking about? Nazar is trying to install SQL Server Management Studio and you are asking him to repair the installation from SQL Server? SSMS is a completely independent installation from SQL Server.

When you checked that the file/folder does not already exist, did you have the Setup window still open? I'm thinking that it might have created the thing earler, and is now clobbering itself.

Also, if you are running a Russian version of Windows, Program Files may be called something else.

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Hi, Erland. I have similar names of 'Microsoft Analysis Services' in folder Program Files (x86) but there is no any the same name with gaps between words. These files are in Microsoft Visual Studio 2019 and .NET (ADOMD.NET) as on the screenshot. Maybe it causes an error ?72616-2.jpg

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ErlandSommarskog avatar image ErlandSommarskog nazarmarchyshyn-6532 ·

Those files are all under Visual Studio, so the they are clearly not the problem.

I think you should open a command-line window and first check with the DIR command what you have under C: and then what you have on Program Files (x86) (or what that may be called on a Russian OS.)

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