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Need to add header and trailer record in a csv file - Azure Data factory

Hi All,

I need to implement below logic in my project using Azure Data Factory where we are transferring a csv file from source to destination with some transformation in the file.

Input file contains below data :
111|101|2019-02-04 21:04:57
222|202|2019-02-04 21:33:54
333|202|2019-02-04 20:23:55

Expected Output :
H|TestFile|currentDateTime------------ Need to add this header record.
111|101|2019-02-04 21:04:57
222|202|2019-02-04 21:33:54
333|202|2019-02-04 20:23:55
T|3-------------------------------------- T is static value. Need to add total number of records here.

Can someone please help with this

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Hi @RiktaLaskar-7038,

Welcome to Microsoft Q&A forum and thanks for your query.

In order to add the header record you can follow solution proposed in this thread - Azure Data Factory adding header to csv files in Pipeline
I am trying to implement a solution to generate trailer record using Mapping data flow. I will get back to you as soon as I have it ready.

Thank you for your patience.

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Thanks alot Kranthi. I will try this out.

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Hi @RiktaLaskar-7038 ,

Just checking to see if the above workaround was helpful to achieve your requirement. I tried for the trailer record but wasn't successful yet.

Let me know if you have any further query.


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Hi @RiktaLaskar-7038 ,

We still have not heard back from you. Just wanted to check if you still need assistance on this query.

Thank you

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