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Exchange server 2016 sending Same email multiple times

Hi All i have created a shell script for email password expiry notification which will be run every evening at scheduled time. script works properly but only some users will receive notification email multiple times, e.g. - user xyz received password expiry notification mail 4 times at same time, I have exchange server 2016 on premises setup, I am expecting expert advice on this.

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During daily use, did you find any mail flow issues like receving one message multiple times?
- If no, your question is more related to powershell/script.
I would modify this thread with correct tag: office-exchange-server-deployment or windows-server-powershell.
Thanks for your understanding.
- If yes, would you provide more information for troubleshooting:
1. Check message tracking log to see if the messageIDs are same.
2. Does the issue always occur with some specific useres?
3. Does any message forwarding or mail flow rule affect?

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Thanks for your reply,
yes as noticed it is happening with one piacular user now. script will run at 7 PM everyday but user received mail at next morning 4 AM 4 times. I suspect its mail que issue in the exchange server, but I did not find any abnormal findings in my exchange server. mail forwarding is disabled for the user.

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Would you track the messages in powershell: Use the Exchange Management Shell to search the message tracking logs
I assume the command would be like:

 Get-MessageTrackingLog -ResultSize Unlimited -Start "3/3/2021 6:30AM" -End "3/4/2021 5:00PM"  -Sender "" -Recipients ""

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