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i try to use two units in sync, but it do not work.

i have 2 camera. It worked just before, but now it doesn't work.
The error is as follows.
I don't understand why it doesn't work.
it work in opencv code(no sync),
it work in each standalone camera with sdk code.

usbcommand.c (904): usb_cmd_write(). Write command(80000001) ended in failure, Command status 0x00000001

color_mcu.c (284): usb_cmd_write( colormcu->usb_cmd, DEV_CMD_SET_SYS_CFG, (uint8_t *)&sync_config, sizeof(sync_config), NULL, 0) returned failure in colormcu_set_multi_device_mode()

k4a.c (883): colormcu_set_multi_device_mode(device->colormcu, config) returned failure in k4a_device_start_cameras()

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usbstreaming.c (117): usb_cmd_libusb_cb(). LibUSB transfer status of 00000002 unexpected

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Hello @yhc-1262,
Did it worked with 2 cameras in Sync? or did it worked with the single camera?

It worked just before, but now it doesn't work.

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i'm working on 2 sync camera.

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The sync operation works fine in the viewer tool, but it worked with the code I created, but now it does not work.
It's just the process of "Settings->Check the number of devices->Open->Start". Is it wrong in "Settings"? Why doesn't it work? The viewer tool works very well.

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1 Answer

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SatishBoddu-MSFT answered ·

Hello @yhc-1262 Please have a look at this Github issue, which may help.

Unable to connect to Kinect Sensor Camera

So there is something wrong with your device or there is something wrong with how its connected to the PC and we are not able to reliably read it. Do you have a 2nd device you could try out ?.
I am going to assume this is the version reported after factory resetting the device (which can only be performed once - until a new image is successfully installed).

Make sure you are using the factory cables and factory power supply to power the device while confirming the device works as expected.

What USB Host controller are you connected to (#1088 (comment))? Try different USB ports on your PC.

If you think the firmware version reported is accurate, then I would recommend exchanging the device for a new one.

Please comment in the below section for more help in this regard.

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Currently, the sync works very well in k4aviewer. Also, the basic behavior in opencv is very good.
In my code, it operates well a while ago, and it is not working now.
Could you please review my code? Why does it go well and not, why does k4aviewer or opencv work well?

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 k4a_device_t h_left_camera_, h_right_camera_;
 if(k4a_device_open(0, &h_left_camera_)) //open ok.
 if(k4a_device_open(1, &h_right_camera_)) // open ok.
 k4a_device_configuration_t  left_config_, right_config_;
 left_config_.color_format = K4A_IMAGE_FORMAT_COLOR_BGRA32;
 left_config_.color_resolution = K4A_COLOR_RESOLUTION_1080P;
 left_config_.depth_mode = K4A_DEPTH_MODE_NFOV_2X2BINNED;
 left_config_.camera_fps = K4A_FRAMES_PER_SECOND_30;
 left_config_.depth_delay_off_color_usec = 0;
 left_config_.wired_sync_mode = K4A_WIRED_SYNC_MODE_SUBORDINATE;
 left_config_.subordinate_delay_off_master_usec = 0;
 left_config_.disable_streaming_indicator = true;
 left_config_.synchronized_images_only = true;
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 right_config_.color_format = K4A_IMAGE_FORMAT_COLOR_BGRA32;
 right_config_.color_resolution = K4A_COLOR_RESOLUTION_1080P;
 right_config_.depth_mode = K4A_DEPTH_MODE_NFOV_2X2BINNED;
 right_config_.camera_fps = K4A_FRAMES_PER_SECOND_30;
 right_config_.depth_delay_off_color_usec = 0;
 right_config_.wired_sync_mode = K4A_WIRED_SYNC_MODE_MASTER;
 right_config_.subordinate_delay_off_master_usec = 0;
 right_config_.disable_streaming_indicator = true;
 right_config_.synchronized_images_only = true;
 started_l_ = k4a_device_start_cameras(h_left_camera_, &left_config_); // id: ~2812, sub, input sync
 started_r_ = k4a_device_start_cameras(h_right_camera_, &right_config_); // id: ~2912, master, output sync
 if(started_l_ || started_r_) // started_l_ ==> FAIL, started_r_ ==>SUCCESS
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Hello @yhc-1262 Just checking on this, please let us know if you need further help in this matter or please submit a new issue under Github page.

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