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Azure data factory trigger on event not working


I am using Azure Data Factory V2 and want to set up a trigger based on a blob creation in a Gen2 ADLS. When I create the trigger, the paths are recognised as it shows me the blobs of interest, however when this gets published the trigger does not fire when a blob is created. I have checked the event against the Gen2 ADLS and I can see that the event is not being recognised in there. I have noticed this bug before. My location is West Europe.




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@KatariaDipeshSITIITYFD-2935 Thanks for using Microsoft Q&A !!

Is trigger working with manual uploads of the blobs ? Also, have you tried using a Blob storage instead of ADLS to check if the triggers are working ?

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The "trigger now" functionality does work. But it does not fire on blob creation.

I will try blob storage, but I have read on many threads that this only works with Gen 2 ADLS.

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@DipeshKataria-6394 @KatariaDipeshSITIITYFD-2935 No I am not talking about Trigger now. How are you uploading the blobs ? Is this through any automated process and have you tried creating the blob manually to see if the published event trigger gets fired ?

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