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Windows feature Upgrades and group policy issues.

i work in an environment where we have about 230 client side computers. I noticed that whenever a feature upgrade goes out from the WSUS, the client side computers don't automatically restart and install the upgrade. it stays on the blue screen asking for confirmation to restart and this causes disruption when the clients come in the morning to start working. we have a group policy set up to where updates are pulled from the WSUS, installed and restarted if necessary early in the morning.

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Did you configure enforce to restart correctly?
Take a look at:
You may enforce them to restart after update.
What build are their using?

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In Group Policy, within Configure Automatic Updates, you can configure a forced restart after a specified installation time.
To set the time, you need to go to Configure Automatic Updates, select option 4 - Auto download and schedule the install, and then enter a time in the Scheduled install time dropdown. Alternatively, you can specify that installation will occur during the automatic maintenance time (configured using Computer Configuration\Administrative Templates\Windows Components\Maintenance Scheduler).
Always automatically restart at the scheduled time forces a restart after the specified installation time and lets you configure a timer to warn a signed-in user that a restart is going to occur.

Also check this similar case for some ideas:
Restart immediately after installing Windows updates, regardless of active hours

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we have it set up to install at 3 am every morning yet the feature updates seems to get hung up on the blue screen asking for confirmation

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Yes, your configuration is correct. It seems that feature update is different with general security update, when install feature update, system prompts user to confirm in case compatibility issue when install general updates system will not. That's why our policies doesn't work this time

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how do enterprise admins push out feature updates? seems inefficient for admins with hundreds of client side computers to have to confirm each feature update. we have a fairly decent sized company and off site computers as well that i manage with WSUS

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