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MABS backup/restore of on-premise Hyper-V guest VM -- unable to restore vm from disk

I have MABS setup as a hyper-v guest VM on my Hyper-V server. I setup a test vm, which is a windows server 2016 standard install. I am able to backup and restore this VM to Azure with no problem. However, when I try to restore for the local disk backup on the MABS server the only option for restoring is to restore the VHD for the test VM, but not the entire VM.

How can I backup/restore the entire VM from the local disk backup in MABS.


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@GregZartman-2833Thank you for your post and I apologize for the delayed response!

The document mentions all the possible restore scenarios -

You can perform network location restore to restore an entire VM. It will restore everything as files / like VHD etc then you can create VM from the VHD.

Since "Recover as virtual machine to any host" option isn't showing up for you, we may need to investigate to find the cause. To do so, you need to contact Azure technical support team by raising a support request -

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