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Directory.CreateDirectory() not working.

I have created one wpf core windows app. I have to create folder for save database file. But Directory.CreateDirectory() method is not working after publishing the app on local machine. No exception log in log file. Code is also working on visual sutdio.

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Could you check the Capabilities in your package.appxmanifest to see if there is <rescap:Capability Name="runFullTrust" /> under it ? When you package your WPF as a desktop bridge app, this capability need be added under the Capabilities . runFullTrust is a capabilities which allows apps to run at the full trust permission level on the user's machine.

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Hi, please, show the error information. I cannot reproduce your problem.

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I am not getting any error in my log file. Because application working on debugging mode(folder created). But when i create a package of that code and installed in my machine then folder is not created.

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