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Record Excel Macro Programatically - C#

I am trying to record macros in excel application via C# WPF application. After running the application, while moving focus to excel application, the macro should start, and while switching to some other application, the macro recording should stop.

I have tried implementing it using

 focusHandler = new AutomationFocusChangedEventHandler(OnFocusChanged);

This helps in detecting focus change on application. Then after filtering application type as excel, I am using the following to start macro in excel using interop:

 var macroStartButton = 
 excelApp.CommandBars.FindControl(Microsoft.Office.Core.MsoControlType.msoControlButton, 184);

Then again when focus changes to other application, using the following to stop macro recording:

 macroStopButton = 
  excelApp.CommandBars.FindControl(Microsoft.Office.Core.MsoControlType.msoControlButton, 2186);

The above approach is working intermittently. Can someone suggest a better approach or changes to current approach.

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As this issue is not about general issues of Excel client, I would remove the tag "office-excel-itpro".

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