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les licences offices 365 affectées aux invités ne fonctionnent pas

j'ai bien affecté les licences office A 1 étudiants à une liste de 3 invités
les licences sont affectées et activées dans le back office

mais à la connexion des invités les licences ne fonctionnent pas
la connection au compte se fait mais pas d'accès aux logiciels de la licence word ...

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Currently in Microsoft Q&A we only support English, could you please edit your question into English? This action could help us understand your issue better, thanks for your understanding.

Based on the translation tool, I get the following content. Any misunderstanding please let me know.

What's the plan of your Office 365 Education? Did you assign licenses of Office 365 A1 Plus for students for them?
Please note, Office 365 A1 for students does not contain the desktop versions of Office , it only includes the web versions.

If the licenses are Office 365 A1 Plus for students, and you assigned a license to each guest user successfully, please refer to the article "Unlicensed Product and activation errors in Office" to troubleshoot activation issue.
You may also let guests install Office via their accounts. More detailed informaton, please refer to "Download and install or reinstall Microsoft 365 or Office 2019 on a PC or Mac".

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thanks a lot to answer despite the wrong choice i did with the language

the translation is alwright
the plan is office 365 A1 the licences are assigned and activated in the back office to each guest
I know that this plan doesn't include the desktop application and i dont need these applications for my guest

the issue is that when the guest is connected to his account. teams is working it is ok
but the others applications word online excel ... are not available the message is :

"If you've just purchased an Office 365 subscription, or if your IT administrator gave you one recently, it may take a few more minutes before all of your apps are available. Refresh this page after 10 minutes.
Microsoft Office Home"

thanks for your future answer

i've no idea about the problem

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a precision
it is a microsoft education account

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Thanks for your reply.
But tag "office-deployment" focus more on general issues of Office desktop clients, your issue is more about the Microsoft 365 admin center and Office 365 for the web.
For the issues of Office 365 for web, you may post a new thread on Microsoft Answers forum.

I personally suggest these 3 guests login to My Account, then get Office 365 for web from App launcher in the upper left corner to have a check.

Thanks for your understanding.

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