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Receive notification when user syncs to Sharepoint via OneDrive


We have recently discovered there is a known issue where a users syncs to SharePoint documents and files are moved to the recycling bin. The folder structure stays the same, but files within will be deleted. Microsoft's solution for this issue is to just check with the user if the meant to delete a file, but obviously the admin would need to:

1) Know they synced to the documents in the first place
2) Know files are moved to the recycling bin.

I have been searching all over to some sort of notification to let me know when someone syncs SharePoint files via their OneDrive app on the computer, but cannot find anything.

I know I can setup notifications if files are deleted on specific SharePoint sites, but we manage 20+ sites and this is not an ideal solution to go into each one and setup a notification with each folder.

Is there a way for me to get notified when a user syncs to the SharePoint files via OneDrive?

Here is documentation on the issues:

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Best you can do is configure an activity alert/alert policy:
If you have MCAS licenses, you can create even more granular alerts.

But alerts are always a reactive solution, if you want to prevent this from happening adjust the permissions in the first place.

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@michev by adjusting permissions do you mean remove user's ability to delete files? The particular SharePoint sites I am referring are document libraries for Microsoft Teams. We would need our users to still be able to add, edit, and delete files.

Is there a way to prevent deletion via the OneDrive desktop application?

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The desktop client doesn't have separate controls that prevent deletion, thus you'd need to adjust the permissions on the file/library/site.

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@michev - could you please elaborate on what you mean when you say, "adjust the permissions on the file/library/site." ? Do you mean I need to remove the user's permission to delete files? Once again, I need users to be able to delete files.

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Hi @Kasandra-6646

Technically, you should classify your Microsoft Team Librairies in one unique folder or location in your Cloud instance. From there, with all the specifics librairies with proper Tag and permissions, should run in parallel with all other available documentations that your Team need to have access. You can add a specific policy for files deletion and insert the MicrosoftTeamLibrairies Tag for example, while still been able to read / write access the same files.

If i understand your demand about alert and Synchronisation, i would run a command to ask the difference in files / folders or just a size change algorithm would work. You should not need to have a specific alert just for a synchronisation, but for files that changed or have been deleted yes, you could start from there. I haven't made research about what i am telling to you just to clarify but that should do it.

With cache and a shadow twin of the files, log record difference.

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You can have the same files with a Yes-to-Delete policy and a No-to-Delete policy, this would not work, but from a separate environment or cluster, as i mention it in my other message, Sharding Patterns and Sharding Policy Management would help you in this situation but i am not sure about the computational ressources that this will require and cost association to these ressource.

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