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problematic of loading a list of W3C internet sites (DNS - URL) - c#

Hello, My problematic of these days is that I want to download a list of W3C internet sites (DNS or URL) with a c# function. I made a research on the "net" but I've not found the solution. this work would be used to make a personal international research motor. thanks you for your participate. M.A.

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Could you please describe it in more detail? Which W3C internet sites do you want to download? How will you use these sites?
Which step have you achieved now? Could you please show some existing code?
The more detailed description can help us understand your problem faster.

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my problematic is that I want to loading a list of internet sites on a public server and with this list making a filter by a c# function on the text of a site page as example the <title> page. the problem is that I don't know the name of a public server and how asking this public server to obtain a list of internet (web) sites on my own page.

thanks you for your participate.


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This kind of listing only exists on configuration file/metabase of DNS server. There is no way to tell DNS server to give you such a list because it is "information disclosure" type of vulnerability. (There is a long history why you shouldn't expose Microsoft DNS server of your AD to public because of it)

You should ask W3C staffs whether they can give it to you instead.

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