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Unable to Install/Import Pandas on Azure App Service


I have been trying to install Pandas on my Azure App Service (running Flask) for a long time now but nothing seems to work.

I tried to use wheel, created a wheelhouse directory manually and tried to install the relevant Pandas .whl file (along with its dependent packages) but it still doesn't work. This approach gives me the following error -

"Could not find a version that satisfies the requirement" "No matching distribution found for ..."

A simple "pip install pandas" also doesn't work - when I do this, in my Kudu Bash client the command gets stuck on "Cleaning up.." and nothing gets installed.

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UPDATE: I have been able to install Pandas, but have a question - I need to reinstall it everytime I currently deploy my app (using the az webapp up command). Is there a way I can ensure that I don't need to reinstall it after every deployment?

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can you included this as part of your requirements.txt?

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Just checking in if you have had a chance to see the previous response. You may refer to below doc link might be helpful.

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