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Kiosk mode setup systemsettings.exe keeps crashing

I have a Windows 10 Education 2004 machine. I am trying to set it up as a kiosk with Edge, but every time I try, it freezes and says "systemsettings.exe has stopped". I have tried MANY times. I delete the kiosk user I created just for this purpose and go through the kiosk wizard again. I am able to get to the part of the wizard where you enter the web page address. After I enter the page address, the wizard freezes. I was able to successfully set up this exact kiosk on another device with the same specs, so I know it should work.

Once, I was able to get past that point, but when I logged in as the kiosk user, the screen shows only Browsing InPrivate with no option to advance. I click on the only link available (Read the Microsoft Privacy Policy), but once again, there is no way to advance and get out of the policy. What can I do?

Steps taken:

  • Ran SFC and DISM (no issues -- this is a recently imaged machine)

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Would you please provide some related screenshots, so that we can understand the issue more clearly. Thanks for your cooperation.

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