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Data synced by D365FO to Azure SQL is not syncing to the local database.

Hi, We use Data management tool in Dynamics 365 finance and Operation to export data to Azure SQL database (BYOD). After that from Azure SQL database we use Azure data sync to push data to local on-premises database. This process from Azure SQL to On-Premises not working. But if I manually Insert/Update directly in Azure SQL table data is pushed to local. But some how data synced by D365FO to Azure SQL is not sync to the local database. Need advice. Thanks, Manivannan

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@ManivannanNarayanasamy-8349 - Please check and convey is this is still and issue for you.

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@ManivannanNarayanasamy-8349 Can you please confirm which document you followed for configuring. Also we would advise you to raise issue on D365 forums for better traction on this issue.

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@ManivannanNarayanasamy-8349 Were you able to check with Dynamics team regarding this.

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