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Automate to send bulk Calendar invites through Outlook

Hi There,

Here's the deal. For work I need to send out multiple calendar invites at a time (sometimes 30 different meetings in a week). The invitations contain mostly the same information (subject line, location, body of the email), but sometimes they vary a little (for example, attendees & invitation time slots might be different).

Sometimes I have to update all of the invitations after I've already sent them. This is a manual process and is very time consuming.

Is there a way to make this process easier? Can I create an Excel doc that contains the list of attendees, subject line, body of the invite, start time, end time and then create the invites based on that list? Basically I'm thinking something like Mail Merge, but for Outlook invites.

I'd be willing to do some minor Outlook coding (VBAs or macros?) if the directions are extremely clear (I am not a coder). Thanks!

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Hi @NagarjunaVijayagiri-3230 ,

For your requirement, as I know, there may be no option in Outlook client that could meet it directly. But if you just would like to send multiple calendar invitations faster or easier, as a suggestion, we could try to save a template (or some templates) with some general attendees or description, so that we could open your local template and modify it directly when we need to send an invitation. Here are the detailed steps : creat a template : New meeting> type your general information>File>Save as>choose .oft, use the template : New item>More item>choose form>User Templates in File System>choose your form.

If you still need more information about macro, due to I mainly focus on general issue on Outlook desktop client, I know little about macro and scripts. But based on my research, I found a related article: Create Appointments Using Spreadsheet Data , which mentioned some excel macros, please kindly check if it could also be helpful to you. (Please Note: Since the web site is not hosted by Microsoft, the link may change without notice. Microsoft does not guarantee the accuracy of this information.)

If your issue has any update, please feel free to post back.

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