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msix and localized app name

Hi all,

I do have an app and created the package with the MSIX Packaging Tool. So far almost everything is working. I was able to publish my app in the MS Store, but I was not able to localise the app name.

I reserved a localised app name in the MS Store, but don't know how to use it. I already tried a lot of stuff, but couldn't get it up. I also used this article to modify Resources.pri and AppxManifest.xml.

Can someone please lead me a way? BTW, this is not a Visual Studio app.

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Hello @ThomasOsthege-6947 Welcome to Microsoft Q&A,

For this thread, it is more related with MSIX, So we suggest you post the thread in MSIX forum, the MSIX team is actively answering questions there.

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