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How can I tell whether a doc is using Twips as the measurement format?

I have this block of openXML in a Word doc:

<wps:wsp> <wps:cNvPr id="29" name="Text Box 28"/> <wps:cNvSpPr txBox="1"> <a:spLocks noChangeArrowheads="1"/> </wps:cNvSpPr> <wps:spPr bwMode="auto"> <a:xfrm> **<a:off x="4110" y="9380"/> <a:ext cx="3143" cy="2492"/>** </a:xfrm> <a:prstGeom prst="rect"> <a:avLst/> </a:prstGeom> <a:solidFill> <a:srgbClr val="FFFFFF"/> </a:solidFill> <a:ln w="9525">

Those offset and extent units there are twips, not EMUs. When I load this in Word, Word correctly detects that these are Twips and not EMUs, but I cannot for the life of me determine HOW. This is an anchored element:

<mc:AlternateContent> <mc:Choice Requires="wpg"> <w:drawing> <wp:anchor distT="0" distB="0" distL="114300" distR="114300" simplePos="0" relativeHeight="251665408" behindDoc="0" locked="0" layoutInCell="1" allowOverlap="1" wp14:anchorId="365EF0DD" wp14:editId="3A699D55"> <wp:simplePos x="0" y="0"/> <wp:positionH relativeFrom="column"> <wp:posOffset>638175</wp:posOffset> </wp:positionH> <wp:positionV relativeFrom="paragraph"> <wp:posOffset>15875</wp:posOffset> </wp:positionV> <wp:extent cx="4161155" cy="3540125"/> <wp:effectExtent l="0" t="0" r="10795" b="22225"/> <wp:wrapNone/> <wp:docPr id="25" name="Group 25"/>

That may be part of the puzzle, but I haven't been able to figure it out. If someone could give me an attribute to check or something to determine whether those units should be twips or not, that would be fantastic.

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As this issue is more related to Open XML, I would modify the tag to be "office-addins-dev", which is the tag of Open XML Format SDK on Q&A forum.

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