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For the HoloLens 2, what's the best camera to use for Spectator View?

Hello everyone! Our team wants to start creating higher-quality demos (pictures and videos) for our HoloLens 2 app, TwinWorld, and we're looking to purchase a good camera.

Reading the documentation, I know it is recommended to have:

  • A video camera that outputs 1080p video over SDI or HDMI (Capture cards supported below require HDMI, so you may also need a SDI to HDMI converter)

  • Blackmagic Design Intensity Pro 4K or Elgato HD 60S (Capture Cards)

Would you recommend any particular camera model? What does your team use for demos?

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@DoubleMe-7920 Welcome to Microsoft Q&A Platform and thanks for your query. Community SME's on this topic or our team will review your scenario and circle back at the possible earliest time.

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@DoubleMe-7920 Questions related to HoloLens 2 are not supported over here. You may post your question on Tech Community -

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