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MS Edge Extensions on a NonPersistent Virtual Client

We force the installation of two extensions. We do this via a GPO that is applied to all personal accounts.
We also have blocked all extensions, and add extensions in a whitelist, and we also force installation of 2 extensions.
There are several types of acccounts, and only one type must have them forced.
This works fine on our physical desktops, the problem is on our non persistent clones (vmWare).
The only way to install them is to go to the extension store and install on of our whitelisted extensions.
For example we install the extension "office", when that gets installed, the other two extensions also installs soon after.
If we just wait, nothing happens.

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You said the policies are applied via group policy. I suggest you launch the Edge browser on your VMWare and paste edge://policy/ on the address bar and press the Enter key.
See whether those 2 extensions are listed with the ExtensionInstallForcelist policy.
If they are not listed then try to launch the command prompt as an administrator and run the gpupdate command.
See whether it helps to install those 2 extensions.

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