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Xamarin.Forms Vertical ScrollView won't scroll over UI elements if nested horizontal ScrollView is expanded

I am currently developing an app which displays lots of information on individual pages therefore I need to use vertical ScrollViews. To display text without being cut off I am embedding labels in horizontal ScrollViews which are then nested inside the vertical ScrollView. This works fine at first however I run into a problem, if any of the horizontal ScrollViews are scrolled to the right/expanded or even if the text is too short to actually enable the usage of the ScrollView but it is still invisibly scrolled while there is another active horizontal ScrollView on the page. When this is the case I cannot use the vertical ScrollView if the user tries to scroll over any UI elements (Buttons, Entries, etc.) until all horizontal nested ScrollViews are scrolled all the way to the left, then the user can scroll anywhere.

My problem is actually identical to the bug report which can be seen here: (open bug report for 1 1/3 years but includes gifs which show the problem very clearly)

In the discussion, bruhaha1989 posted his workaround by using a custom ScrollView renderer, however implementing this renderer in my project doesn't seem to change anything.
Therefore I wanted to ask if anybody has a solution to this problem as I assume we won't see a fix for this anytime soon.

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I tried the workaround , it works fine .

Could you provide us a basic , reproducible project to test ?

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Hello @ColeXia-MSFT ,

sorry for the late response I was quite busy the last few weeks. I can try to provide a small sample the next few days when I have time for it but in the meantime my boss provided a little video showcase regarding the issue and also some new information concerning focus of elements and that it happens at least on Android 9 and only on enabled Buttons (not 100% sure on the behaviour with other elements). The video can be viewed here: and uses the custom renderer I linked above (NOTE: He meant horizontally, not vertically in the video).


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I just created a small sample project with similar layout to our real app and there I cannot reproduce this issue. Also I cannot find any differences between the sample and the real implementation. Not sure what else I could do here to resolve this however I will discuss this topic with my boss as I tried it on our app again on an Android 10 Simulator and didn't notice an issue there.

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