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Asure Site Recovery Unified Setup upgrade from 9.33 to 9.37 succeds but never changes displayed version

I am trying to get my Azure SRS VMWare to Azure current and doing the staged upgrade of Unified Setup from 9.33 to latest. The 1st step was to upgrade to 9.37. This upgrade appears to go well, no errors, but when I open the configuration server webpage it still shows 9.33 as does the Azure SRS portal config for the server. Any ideas? or where to start looking?? Googled for hours and cant find any hints. Thanks in advance. Rob

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Update: When I try to reinstall 9.37 I get a message that the same version is already installed???

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@RobertPease-2428 Thank you for your post and I apologize for the delayed response.

This should not happen. Is configuration server connected to Azure? If there is no connectivity, change in version might not reflect on the web page & portal.

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@RobertPease-2428 Could you please provide more details as asked in the previous post?

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