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Speed up loading after opening a push notification

Hello, i am experiencing quite a delay when I click on a received push notification badge and try to open the proper page.
In this example i receive a notification of a new text message, so I want to redirect the user to that specific ChatPage.

I use Prism for navigation, so my redirect looks like this:

private async void Current_OnNotificationOpened(object source, FirebasePushNotificationResponseEventArgs e)
    // do something
    // ...

    await NavigationService.NavigateAsync($"/{Pages.MasterDetail}/{Pages.Navigation}/{Pages.MainTabbedPage}?selectedTab={Pages.Messages}/{Pages.Chat}", navigationParams);

The delay is easily explained.
I have a MasterDetailPage as a wrapper, then I have a TabbedPage with 5 tabs, and my final destination page is a descendent of the MessagesPage (which is one of the tabs).

So you can see that the app needs to load the MasterDetailPage, then all the tabs, and finally the ChatPage that contains the new message.
The UX is quite unpleasant as a result.

The reason why I reload that whole path is so that the user can click the back button, find themselves in the Messages page, and keep navigating as normal.

Is there a better approach to improve this response time?

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