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Please improve Developer account management

Hi, my company has several Developer accounts that have accumulated over the years, due mostly to confusion about how to access different resources. We want to consolidate everything to get a better handle on legal agreements and avoid future confusion / account sprawl. But apparently, according to my most recent support ticket response, Developer accounts cannot be combined or cancelled. And the management interface for Developer accounts is mixed with MPN accounts in Partner Center, which adds to the confusion. Further, apparently Developer and MPN have totally different support methods, so when I submitted my initial ticket to try and fix things via Partner Center, I had to subsequently submit a totally different ticket to the Developer support people. I hope all these functions can be improved so it's easier for corporate administrators to manage their Microsoft relationships. And if there is a way to get around any of these limitations, I'd love to hear it.

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Thank you for sharing your feedback here. I fully understand your feelings. If you want to give suggestions about developer account management, you could submit feedback in the Feedback Hub App. Or you could open a free support ticket here: Contact Us. These are the best ways to contact the Store team directly and you could directly tell them about your concerns.

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