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Error pvInvalidDefinition : The definition of the report xxx is invalid.

Hi All,

I am resurrecting some RS dashboards I created in 2006 using VS 2005, SQL Server 2005, and Dundas charts.

In 2006 I was convinced MSFT would make it BIG with RS. But by 2010, with the purchase of Dundas widgets, and the slow uptake of RS, we decided to put those old reports in mothballs. There was no automated way to upgrade from the Dundas charts to the MSFT charts and it all just seemed like too much trouble in 2010.

But here we are in 2021. Now SQL server is MUCH faster and it is a viable competitor for real DWs.

Also, RS is MUCH better. So we think it's time to dust off these old reports and upgrade them. We will likely do new dashboards in Power BI some time soon too. But we have 70+ reports we can just dust off and convert so that's a good starting point.

I am using VS2017 SSDT but I am getting the same result on VS2013. There is something amiss with the upgrade process of the RDL.

I have seen a LOT of posts about this problem. I have tried all those things like upload the report from bin and download it again and put it back in to the project. All to no avail.

Currently I am able to load the report into RS on SQL server 2016 developer edition and it runs ok. So SQL Server can read and process the RDL. But VS2017 and VS 2013 can't.

The message in VS for the deploy is: "Error pvInvalidDefinition : The definition of the report '\ACPA0100 - Campaign Revenue Variance Summary.rdl' is invalid."

When I try preview I get "An error occurred during local report processing. The size necessary to buffer the XML content exceeded the buffer quota".

I was quite expert on RS in 2006 but I have to admit I am rusty.

If any of you "young guns" know what is the exact problem with the RDL XML and can tell me how to fix it?

I would be very grateful.

I have put the report and components in my drop box here if you need to look at it to know exactly what is wrong. What a great idea for being able to share code with problems in it!

Thank you in advance!

Best Regards


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Joyzhao-MSFT answered ·

Hi @Peter-Nolan-IBI

Error pvInvalidDefinition : The definition of the report '\ACPA0100 - Campaign Revenue Variance Summary.rdl' is invalid.

This error occurs when the RDL you uploaded has a version that is not supported by the SSRS server. For example, a SSRS 2016 RDL version is uploaded to a SSRS 2012 server. You can see the version incompatibility information in the error message text itself.
There are no tricks to solving this problem. All you need to do is set the RDL to the appropriate version that's supported by your SSRS server. however, to this fix. The original RDL version is always stored in the project directory as the HIGHEST RDL version supported by VS or RB. Whereas the appropriate (aka downgraded) version is found within the “BIN” project directory.
The "BIN" project directory here, it can be BIN or BIN\Debug or BIN\Release. Located in the folder where the recently created RDL is stored.

How to choose a suitable RDL version/downgrade RDL version?
In the Solution Explorer window, right-click on the project and select Properties.
In the TargetServerVersion drop down, select the appropriate version. Once the appropriate version is selected, click on the OK button.

It is important to understand how to "downgrade" reports to support all versions of SSRS you intend to support. This is a very simple solution that allows people with different SSRS versions to use your report.

Best Regards,

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Hi Joy,

I am working on SQL Server 2016 and VS 2017. I don't intend to support older versions of SQL server. So I have set the field you mentioned to SQLServer 2016 or later.

What I am guessing from posts I have seen is that there is some problem in upgrading the RDL from VS 2005 to VC 2017. I took the 2005 VS RS RDL XML and loaded it into 2017 VS.

On some posts people have said things like this step up is not always working. So I also tried VS 2013 because I happened to have an old copy on a VM. It got the same problem.

So my guess is that there is some error inside the RDL XML caused by the upgrade process not working exactly correctly.

The original VS running on SQL Server 2005 is working just fine. However, I was using Dundas charts and I am migrating to the MSFT charts.

I now have almost all 70 reports working and I upload them just via the upload function in the web browser. But I would like to get them working in VS 2017.

That's my current target. :-)

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Thanks for your feedback and I'm sorry for the late reply. Has your issue been resolved?

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Hi Joy ,

no. I have not been able to solve this problem yet. I have been manually uploading reports to RS 2016 inside SQL Server 2016.

The reports run ok. But even if I download the report again and put it into VS 2017 I still get the error.

I can only think that there has been some form of error in the upgrade process.

I have now published a post making all this report source code freely for anyone else to learn from.

And all the source code is here.

I am sure someone else would have seen a similar problem.

But if not? The RS RDL is there and if someone can see what it wrong and causing the problem?

That would be great?

Currently it is just a nuisance that I can't load them from VS.

It is not stopping me from working on the migrations.

Best Regards


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