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Full CollectionView support on UWP?

With the dev focus shifting to .NET MAUI, will CollectionView ever be fully functional on UWP?
I'm running into severe issues with using a TemplateSelector on UWP.

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Hi @LarsVinberg-9096 , referring to

With Xamarin.Forms 5.0 representing the last major feature release before .NET MAUI, the only work happening there are bug fixes.
Active development today is happening in the main-handler branch of the xamarin/Xamarin.Forms repository, and then synced to dotnet/maui.

Engineers are focusing on high impact bug fixes for Xamarin.Forms and all the fix will be synced into MAUI, if you're seeing issues with CollectionView, please file it in the Xamarin.Forms repository and high impact bugs will be prioritized.

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