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Get debug symbols file (.sym ) for App Center


I don't know where visual studio create the debug symbol file.

Xcode (in Swift projects) saves it inside the .xcarchive, but in Visual Studio I can't find it, I don't know if I have to do some kind of configuration to generate it

Any ideas? Thank you

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Hi, nnovalbos-6961. The exact location depends on your project's build settings, try to get the file in the below folder.

  • <project directory>/bin/<platform>/<configuration>/device-builds/<device>-<os-version>/
    For example:

  • If you have not enabled device-specific builds, the .dSYM can be found in the following directory:
    <project directory>/bin/<platform>/<configuration>/
    For example:

If you do not see a .dSYM file on Windows, be sure you have configured your app's build settings to create an .ipa file.

Check the doc:

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I need to find the android ones

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Do you want to collect the crash info? If so, try using the App Center Diagnostics SDK which collects information about crashes and errors in your apps and uploads them to the App Center portal.

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