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Can not complete quick start of Live Video Analytics


I try to quick start of Live Video Analytics as below link.

I did those steps several times. But I could not complete all time.

All time error happens at "Invoke GraphTopologyList" step, returning 500 status code.
The response is below

[DirectMethod] Invoking Direct Method [GraphTopologyList] to [lva-sample-device/lvaEdge] ...
[DirectMethod] Response from [lva-sample-device/lvaEdge]:
"status": 500,
"payload": null

Firstly I thought it was temporary.
But the same error happened on different day.

Is there any clue to solve it ?

Best regards.

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Hello @FujiiTaito-2540 Sorry for the inconvenience caused, we are reviewing the article. Will get back to you soon.

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Hi @SatishBoddu-MSFT

Thank you for your feedback.
Let me know if there are any updates.

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Hello @FujiiTaito-2540 We are still working on it. Please stay tuned.

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Hello @FujiiTaito-2540 Could you please submit an Issue under the respective Document Page:
Quickstart: Get started - Live Video Analytics on IoT Edge


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