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can i get my microsoft word file back without cloud ?

About a couple months ago, I performed my automatic updates for my computer (HP Envy 360-conv1500 w 1TB running on Windows 10) and after performing this update Microsoft Edge began opening up tab after tab after tab in the browser. I stopped it by turning Airplane Mode on and then disabling or uninstalling Microsoft edge. Then when the device worked fine with Airplane Mode off. However, it was after this that I then began having an issue with the Title bar of my applications occasionally glitching and rendering all open windows useless until I restarted the device. The glitch gave me the Title bar action that would normally reflect an open dialogue box and the application on the task bar would flash as well. If I opened the Task Manager when this would happen, the applications listed would be jumping constantly moving up and down the list by the second and the CPU and/or Disk space would be at 100% which slowed my computer down considerably. I dumped temporary files, got rid of unused and extra applications etc. I changed my startup applications, I did everything that Microsoft protocol said to do for this specific problem on the internet, I stopped superfetch, ran scans for viruses and malware, I updated all my drivers... something worked for a little while to suppress the CPU and Disk space problem, the applications would still be jumping around. The issue with the title bar would still come up too. Finally, in attempts to correct the title bar issue, decided to reinstall windows and keep my files through restart+shift and when I did this my device successfully reinstalled windows and had retained all my personal files, HOWEVER, it also reinstalled edge and my original issue with Microsoft Edge opening up tabs endlessly started again, drove the Disk space to 100%, and rendered my device useless. Turning Airplane mode on did not help the issue after the reinstallation because my device would then open Microsoft Feedback Hub or Support Assistant with a not connected to the internet message. I then would make several attempts to restart my device and upon startup just try to go into Task Manager or Powershell to stop the application before it starts or control panel to uninstall or disable it, all attempts failed, my computer would freeze at maximum Disk space and I started hard rebooting every time. Upon my second attempt to reinstall Windows my device stayed at the black HP startup screen with a message that read something like diagnosing driver or something to that but this is as far as it would go. I made one last attempt at fix it in Bios but again failed. I took it to Geek Squad after this and they told me today as soon as they turned on the device my hard drive failed and thus all my personal files are inaccessible. I'm having Geek Squad install a new 1TB hard drive and they recommended that I let them install a solid state drive for that laptop. Overall the computer did last me a couple years and I was very happy with it but I'm absolutely devastated because Microsoft Word had also stopped syncing my microsoft cloud and i dont use any other clouds or online storages anywhere. AND IM WRITING A BOOK. It's my pride and joy right now and I have some older versions of it that I retrieved through email history. So I guess what I want to know is if there is any possible way of retrieving the data via any route? are my files being backed up through microsoft elsewhere besides the cloud? Is there any hope for date recovery from my old hard drive at all? I'm really desperate here...

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Hi @romeoreyes-7088,
Did you login the correct account?
I suggest you go to OneDrive and check if you can find the Word document:

Go to this link and check if this is helpful and any updates please let me know, I'm glad to help you.

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is that just a link to my onedrive? i swear i checked my one drive a million times i dont see why my file wasnt showing up before! thank you thank you thank you you are a hero <3

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