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Why is Visual studio taking for long to build release version & archive of an iOS xamarin.forms app??

I've been timing the builds of my xamarin.forms iOS app because I thought they took too long to complete and I think it's unacceptable that they take this long.

I'm developing in visual studio on mac and it takes ages for a release build to complete! Almost 20 minutes! (18.15 to be exact) and another 15 minutes for the the app to be archived for publishing! This is just unacceptable!

I'm just reporting this as a bug or putting this here to see if anyone has encountered the same problem and knows a way to make it last a shorter while, and yes I already had enabled the "build for certain device" option and it still took 20 minutes.

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What your Xamarin.Forms nuget package version? You can check the output log, it should show where msbuild spends most of its time

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