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Teams chat link, join or escalte to meeting

When having a group chat in teams, is there a way to obtain the "external link", or access the "Join" button show in meetings, or escalate the chat to a meeting?

Why? The external link or meeting Join button allow the same user to engage from multiple devices, which works well in Teams meetings. This is very frequently useful to me since my audio and video channels are not always in sync, and engaging the same conversation from two devices is requisite. For example: I use Remote Desktop extensively for work, and do not not always have bi-directional audio to where chat/screen might start but then find adding audio (perhaps my cell phone) is useful. Conversely, I may have engaged in a teams audio conversation and someone shares screen which is too small to see on my cell, and so I'd like to retain the audio connection but view the screen using my desktop teams instance. Teams meetings provide this seamlessly with the "join" button on each device's Teams instance> While Teams chat and meeting overlap is massive and increasing, I can't seem to find this one angle. In a group "chat/audio" I have to ask everyone to "stop"... can we start a teams meeting with all the same folks, which is a productivity impediment for them to accommodate my current hardware options. While this scenario seems "rare" upon first consideration, it is both common for me and when I engage others they are recognizing the same challenge as we all become more mobile, but they'd not really put into words yet.

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Note: I did find, but if I am in a "chat" conversation where someone already did that to share screen or started audio/video, then if I go to my other device I can't "join". If I use the same recommended "meet now" technique of sharing screen or starting audio/video on the other device then Teams starts a new "engagement". In other words, that "meet now" technique does not really escalate our chat to a real "meeting" (with join and such), as far as I can tell. Or, if it does, it is an "orphan" meeting with no way for others to get themselves in since it has a limited interface.

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I am frustrated as hell
I need a live person
scheduled a video conference
cut pasted link but when sending out on text and on my social platforms it does not work

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Hi CrisMooney-3320!

You can join Teams meeting by using the following ways such as link, calendar, channel ,chat and so on.

The following link provides detailed ways for your reference:

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Thank you for considering my question, but none of these methods are offered when in a group chat where a meeting has not already been established, thus they do not address the use cases I've laid out.

They do further illustrate how valuable escalation text chat to audio, video, and screen sharing is, yet they do not help me take a group that are chatting in text (which is already a "meeting" type scenario where text is available in parallel on all my devices) to a meeting scenario for audio, video, and screen sharing. For any of the solutions presented to apply, I'd have to manually create a meeting with the same list of attendees, and without "bulk copy users" that is painful, and the attendees would all have to take action as well.

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Hi Cris!

Thanks for your explanation about it. I will do a test to make sure if it can be completed.

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