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Unble to implement Offline backup with import/Export(MARS) in Azure

I get the following erro and cannot proceed. ”Unable to locate Azure PowerShell on this server. Azure PowerShell is required to configure Offline backup. (ID: 100232)” I have confirmed that the RM module and Azure powershell 3.7 are installed . It also meets other prerequisites.

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@59450839 Thanks for your question. Can you please check if you are using latest version of Azure Backup agent?

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Thanks for the response! My version is ,2.0.9207.0 its latest.

And now error message is changed as below.
"Unable to login to Azure as the subscription or the login credentials provided is invalid (ID:100233)"

But Subsction ID and login account is correct,
Could you give me any advice?

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@59450839 We recommend engaging our technical support team to investigate further. Please file a support case using these steps

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